Isolation 2020

Kim Fisher

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“The urge to make things and create things hasn’t gone away. I still have stories to tell.”
– Marc Jacobs

Life couldn’t look any more different than what I had planned 3 months ago, but here we are in quarantine, isolation or at the very best social distancing. If you are anything like me you have been through a myriad  of emotions from trying to keep everything as ‘normal’ as possible, to figuring out what the new ‘normal’ is going to be, to acceptance and just waiting to see what unfolds.

This period has also given me the opportunity to explore areas of my life I had previously neglected, like exercise and home cooked meals. As well as experiment with some things I had never considered before, like creating an entire fashion editorial through Zoom. I have also tried my hand at painting and knitting, neither of which are proving very successful at the moment but it’s a process. And for when this is all over I have so many inspiration boards I cannot wait to create!

What I originally thought would be a difficult situation in which to maintain my creativity has proven to be anything but that.

I hope you are staying safe, but also inspired.

Which isolation mood are you today?

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