How to shoot in cold weather?


Summer shoots are just around the corner, but the weather is still not hot enough! So we’ve prepared some tips for you, so that you can be prepared for everything that comes your way!

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Photo by Photo by Virginia Y Model: Gergana from Visages Models MUA Marina Mladenova 

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Hello, photography lovers!

And welcome to another episode of the fashion photography podcast along with me – your host the fashion advertising photographer Virginia!

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Every Wednesday, we’re here with a guest – person from the industry that is ready to share with us their experience and their knowledge, and every other Friday, and we’re here to help you with your struggles with some little tips and tricks so that we can bring together your knowledge and business to a whole new level.

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Let’s go back to the topic today!

So for this Friday, we’ll be talking about cold weather. And because this is not a forecast channel, I’ll be even more specific for you.

Today we’ll be talking about shooting in cold water.

Because in our industry, you know that it’s very common practice that we shoot winter clothes at the end of the summer or the beginning of the autumn. And we also usually shoot summer clothes in the end of the winter or the beginning of the spring. But why are we doing this whole thing, because we need to be ahead of the trends and the clothing brands are usually planning in advance their campaigns. I personally had very recent experience when I have to shoot in very cold weather super summer dresses. and that’s the reason why I have prepared for you some tips on what to do during those photo shoots, you know, to prep yourself for success.

Of course, we’ll be talking especially about shooting outside because if you’re in a studio, you’re pretty much set just by adjusting the temperature inside. But when you’re out, you don’t quite have the same choice.

So let’s start with the first step for today. And I know it sounds a little bit weird, because it is, but I actually find a lot of logic to it.

Plus, I read an article about it recently, I really think it could be true. I know you want to hear it really badly now. So here it is. Don’t give your model hot beverages before the start of the photo shoot. As I said, there is some logic to it. So let me just recap the article for you. And it was that when you drink hot stuff, your body temperatures going high. So once you go out where it’s cold, you will definitely be freezing because of the huge temperature difference.

I told you, it’s kind of weird, but there is some logic to it.

However, though, there is no problem for you to prepare some hot beverages for in between sets. And this is actually tip number two!

Bring some hot tea or maybe even coffee. And just make sure that your model have something hot to drink after the wardrobe change.

And talking about clothing changes, the next several steps will be all about it.

So! Tip number three provide a warm place for your model to change. T

his can be a nearby coffee or maybe you’re shooting next to your studio or maybe even in your stylists apartment, use them to make sure that she will be warm and cozy. Yes, it’s going to eat up a little bit of your time. But this way, you’ll definitely have better results. In case there is no such option. Just make sure that you can provide a car for you model to change in, it will be more comfortable for her there is specific closed space, because no matter how fast you are, there is a brief moment when your stylist is changing her clothes and your model is completely naked.

And the thing is – you don’t want her to freeze.

And there are actually two reasons for that.

For me, the first one is the more important one. And it is that we are all people and we just must be good to each other, you know, and also think about each other.

The second reason is also very important, but I definitely think it comes second, and it is that you don’t want to edit chicken skin.

So if your model is freezing, you will see the goose bumps. And it’s a real nightmare if you have to retouch them. And if you’re not good enough at retouching, all of your efforts are going to be lost. Because the audience will notice that there is something wrong with the photos and they’ll no longer be able to fall for your summer story just because their mind will be all about finding what’s the wrong part of this photo.

However, if you cannot provide a comfortable closed space for your model to change in and you don’t own a car, there is another way to cover her.

Because I know that “models are used to be seen, sometimes even without their clothes”, but you cannot expect them to hang out naked on the street for you. Because let’s go back to the previous point when I said that you should have respect for each other.

So another decision for this particular problem is to buy a cheap pop up privacy tent, you can actually find it on Amazon, I checked for you and it was about $30 which is not much because you can always use it again in the future. And you can just fold it as a reflector and just carry it around.

But let’s say you’re listening to podcast today, and you don’t know what to do, the weather is still cold and you are shooting tomorrow and you don’t have a tent, you don’t have a car, he didn’t have a closed space around the location that you have chosen.

So as a backup tip, you can just bring a piece of cloth or a blanket and make sure that you have assistance because you need someone to help you to cover them all from the people on the street between sets, I really lost the count of my tips! But here’s another one – a blanket or a big scarf can also be used to help you to cover your model on top of her clothes for the new sets in case you have to move around. And this way, you make sure that she’s warm and cozy between sets.

Another very useful thing that you can do is to have mood board to share in advance, which is important with your team and model. Actually, we have prepared for you free template for a Mood Board that you can download. It’s LinkedIn show notes, and you can use it for all of your future projects. The best part about it is that this way, you’ll know exactly what you need. And it will help you to stay on point and move as fast as you can.

Another thing that you have to do in advance, because you know – photography takes a lot of preparation, before achieving the results that you want -is to know exactly the locations that you are going to use. So you can go scout for locations before the photo shoot (a few days before that, not just 40 minutes before that) and by knowing exactly your steps you can make a plan of the fastest and the shortest way to reach your locations.

Why is this so important? Because if you’re enough prepared, you can even make a plan when your model is supposed to change.

So for example, if you’re in a very quiet street for the first two photos, and then you have to move to let’s say a super busy Park, better change your model clothes on the quiet street beforehand so that you can save her the discomfort of changing in front of so many people. Also, if you’re a next photo will be close up and you need just a turtleneck and her face. Definitely let you remote all keep her jeans on so that she can stay warm. And the are small things I know they look very obvious. But when you have a model who is shaking from the cold, you’ll have so many things to consider, you might just miss that.

And if you’re shooting full length, and let’s say that she’s wearing super beautiful long dress, and you cannot see what’s going wunderneath it, just let her keep her genes. Of course, if they’re not corrupting, you’re silhouette.

And because you’re photographers we’re supposed to talk a little bit about light, right?

So I personally think it’s going to be best for you if you prepare an easy light set. And this is just in case you’re not planning on shooting on natural light. Because if you use an easy set of lights, this way, you be able to move around in a fast and easy way. And if you want something complicated, just make sure to bring assistants, because they’re super helpful in situations like this. If you’re busy checking if you have the photo, make sure that in the meantime, your model is covered with blanket or scarf.

If you need to reshoot something again, just wait till the very last minute to remove it.

And there is one thing that I find really important before you start shooting, and it is to find the right spot where she’s supposed to stay and just go over with the pose and the things that she’s supposed to do. Also, make sure that you’re having the right settings and the focus on point and then strip everything unnecessary for the photo right before you push a button.

Encourage your model the whole time. Just tell her how amazing she is what she’s doing right. And if there is something that she’s doing in a wrong way, just be very specific.

Don’t waste her time. And while you’re explaining – again, bring the blanket.

And for photo shoot like this, you actually need a very dedicated stylist well.

And you know what? If you are a stylist listening to this podcast better be very focused and prepare during the photo shoot. And just ditch your phone because you don’t want your model to freeze. because you can have the best backstage, but if on the final photos your model is looking like she’s freezing, it’s a lost cause.

Another big tip for all the stylists out there is to make sure that you are already prepared and you have all of your sets good and ready to go so that you can make sure that you’re going to move fast.

Also, the stylist is the one that is supposed to come up with the idea of the blanket or the big scarf. Don’t wait for your photographer to remind you about this because this is part of your job.

And once you have this pleasant surprise for your photographer of how innovative you are, with the blanket or the scarf – just always make sure that you have in your hands something to cover your model with. And when you’re changing clothes, make sure to be super, super careful with the makeup and the hair. Because when your model is trembling, it can be quite hard for your makeup artist to fix their part of the job. So please be very careful with the makeup and the hair.

If you’re a photographer, you need to shoot fast in situations like this, you just cannot waste a lot of time shooting and switching lots and lots of poses. Because at the end of the photoshoot if you are not a fast shooter, I can guarantee you that your model’s face is going to be so exhausted. And this is not something that you want.

So I hope you’re going to have some amazing results!

And don’t forget my final tip – that after the photo shoot, you have to provide your gorgeous model and team with some hot tea in a really warm place.

To be honest with you, I’m a big, big fan of sun and hot weather. So I cannot wait for the summer to be here already and for those cold days to be over.

But I really hope that today’s tips are going to help you in the cold weather. And the good thing is that you can listen to them again and again each and every year. This is pretty much everything that I was able to come up with. But if you have some additional tips, just let us know in our Facebook group called The Fashion Photography Podcast!

It was so nice to be here with you again and I really hope that if you’re new to the podcast, you’re going to subscribe to it. And if you’re not and you’re super happy with our content, maybe you want to consider a little donation to our podcast. You can do this on where you’re going to find a big donation button. Thank you guys so much for being with me today. And I can wait and see next Wednesday when I’ll be here with a brand new guest!

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