Building Sustainable Photography Business with Alessio Albi 


In this episode of the Fashion Photography Podcast we meet  the photographer Alessio Albi (@alessioalbi)

How he developed his Instagram profile?
Are you limited if you live in a small city? How he started with photography?
How to approach colors and especially matching moods and light.

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2 comments on “Building Sustainable Photography Business with Alessio Albi 

  1. Thank you, you made me think that maybe I have to let myself go and don’t always worrying about where I live, what I do, but do what I love without limits!

    1. zhekov.georgi says:

      This is just so great!
      It really doesn't matter where you live, if you do what you do with all your heart! =)

      P.S. It's me - Virginia =)

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