Top 10 Podcast Episodes for 2019


Another year has passed and as always it was a blast!
We have met quite a few amazing guests and got to know them a little bit better while getting inspired by their knowledge.
We wish you a happy New Year and may 2020 be the best year for you so far!

In order to give you a little push we compiled a list of our top 10 podcast episodes for the year.

*Cover photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


"Less words more imagery" - Matt Easton


Matt will help us to ease the anxiety before photo shoots.
He’s giving us his advice on what to do if you are stuck in a city without fashion,
and also answers the question – why so many photographers are control freaks?

Modeling agencies and the questions we need to consider

We answer the question
“Should I apply for a modeling agency if I don’t have a portfolio”.
As a photographer Virginia gets asked this question very often,
if you are in the same situation – we’ve got you covered.

“Nice doesn’t mean stupid” with Amber Gray


Does your look matter to your client?
What are the key points to Amber’s signature style?
How to create chemistry on your sets?
How Dior funded one of her projects and what were the problems and the best parts about it?

Let your work introduce you
with Justin Polkey

What’s the difference between a hobbyist and
a professional photographer in Justin’s opinion? 
What’s the point of being an assistant and
a simple guide on how to become one from Justin?
Another important topic from this podcast and
from our job are rates and payment. 

Dive deep into the photography business
with Karl Taylor


We dive deep with the stories of Karl Taylor, 
stunning photo shoots in Iceland, how to solve business problems and much more. 

How to find your dream client
with Mandy Stoller

How to find the dream client?
The difference between starting as a photographer
and working as a professional.
The meaning of “Fake it till you make it”?
When’s the moment to start investing in gear?

How to get published in a fashion magazine?

Pitching your editorial to magazine.
What are the steps to find the right contacts of the right people?
How to get your work into a magazine?
The difference between on-line and printed magazines and what are the pros and cons. 

Retouch like a Rockstar
with Luca Szalmas

How to make the transition from photography to retouching?
How to improve your retouching skills?
Can you work remotely without meeting your clients?
How to market yourself?
How to approach retouchers as a photographer the right way?
Should you do collaborations?
Sticking to one retoucher and why it’s good for you?

Make Exceptional Photography
with Corey Nickols

What’s the correlation between loyalty and advancing your career? Can you succeed at both?
What’s like shooting God, Gandhi and Luke Skywalker at the same day?
Corey is showing us the shortcut  to shooting big celebrities.
Why you should never be afraid to ask your subject to do something completely crazy?

"I Wish I Knew This when I started Fashion Photography"
With Anita Sadowska

What’s the best thing about working and living in Bali?
Finding different teams when you are constantly traveling.
How to get the best possible girls from
modeling agencies when you are in a new country?
Standing up for what you deserve.
What is the perfect recipe for swimwear photo shoot?

Which one is your favorite episode? 
Let us know in the comments! 

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Marta Syrko (Guest Feature)

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Model-less Fashion Photography

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