Game of Tones – by Kim Fisher

Kim Fisher

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“Colors speak all languages.”
– Joseph Addison

Perhaps it is my constant pursuit for simplicity that makes a tonal image so pleasing to my eye. It seems so simple and yet effective, removing all distractions. I am drawn to appreciating the various textures in the image and how they completement or contrast with the main subject. I am also slightly obsessed with colour theory and understanding the different emotions that colours evoke.

The images here do just that. The regal luscious purple and the smooth texture of the paint conveying luxury, the deep winter feeling of the blue jacket evoking a desire for the warm fried comfort food tucked away in the top pocket, the green and brown camouflage tones complimented by the structured chairs appear militant, you can feel the warmth of the camel coloured coat and the softness of the skirt, and the pure innocence of white starkly contrasting with the harshness of the work boots.

You can tell an entire story with just one colour.

Credits and Links:

Kelsey Mcclellan

Photographer | San Francisco

Marcus Ohlsson

Studio Marcus Ohlsson Inc.

Stephanie Gonot

Los Angeles-based photographer and director.

Studio Kanji Ishii

Innovative Worldwide Photography.

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