Cintia Barroso Alexander (Guest Feature)

Cintia Barroso Alexander​

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello, my name is Cintia, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I´m a passionate fashion photographer. I live in Germany, but I work internationally.
I love travelling and living in Europe gives me the opportunity to go to different places and connect to different cultures.

2. How did you get into photography?
I have always been a very creative and spontaneous person.
I started as a model and was very interested in the process of creating art.
I soon found out that I was better behind the camera than in front.

3. How did you meet your first client?
I met my first client through a recommendation by my friend. It was a shoot of a golf course.

4. If you were about to start now, what would be your plan?
If I were to start now, I would do the same all over again.
My first shoot drew me into the right direction. 
Like I told you earlier, it was a shoot about a golf course

but I brought fashion into sport. 
That´s when I gained clarity about fashion photography.
Very importantly, never care about the opinion of others, it takes time to discover your own style, things are changing and you never stop learning.

5. Tell us a secret talent of yours?
If something does not work as planned, be open for changes and improvise whenever everything turns out right.

6. It’s not a secret that in this show we are really into fashion photography, but also into food!
So now you have the chance to share with us your most favorite treat? Where can we find it?
Food is always a good idea, specially healthy food!
It doesn’t matter how long I’ve walked as a photographer I´m always nervous before a project. I love travelling, exploring new places and getting back to a boll of made in Brazil Açai. Not thinking all the time about what I should do. I think this’s the best recipe to refresh your mind!

7. If you were to be associated with one word what would that be?

8.  Do you have a final advice for the fans of The Fashion Photography Podcast?
Believe in yourself!
Experiment a lot and be consistent!

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