How to Improve Your Submissions


How to improve your submissions?

What to do when the magazine requires 8 looks, but you have prepared only 7?

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Photographer: Verginiya Yancheva
Stylist: Sirma Markova
MUA and Hair: Marina Mladenova
Model: Rosi @ Alia Models
Assistants: Georgi Zhekov and Ivan Zhekov
Clothes: dress H&M, belt & hat Parfois 

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Today we’re going to talk about magazines and how to submit to them and why exactly do they usually have this rule of having six /eight / ten or even more images to submit to them. I’m also going to give you a little tip on how to reach this number and how to make your next publication absolutely amazing!

So let’s dive deep in right away. We’ve talked about magazines before. Now we already know that there are two ways you can get published, you can either be asked by the magazine, or you can ask the magazine.

If you’re very new to the business, you’re probably going to ask the magazine if they can publish your photos. And that’s totally fine! (as long as you’re not paying for this, but we can discuss this later)
Every time when you’re doing a project, you know that the most important part is, of course – THE IDEA behind it. Once you’re done with the idea, you can easily choose a magazine to submit to, for example, some magazines are publishing only men’s editorial, other magazines are publishing once every three months. And it depends on you what you like and what you want to do.
But when you’re done with the idea from now on, you have to make all the choices in the world!

You have to choose the magazine you’ll shoot for, the team, you want to work with, how your images are going to look like…
So there are many things that we need to consider after this point. But if you’ve checked from your list, the idea and the magazine, now you need to go to the team, because not every makeup artist, for example, is suitable for every project. 

Same goes for everybody else in the team.
So you need to make sure you’re choosing the right people, then you have to explain to them the idea and for this you can select some references.
And if you’re not aware what are references I’m pretty sure we have an episode for this, but we published it a while ago.
So if you want me to make a new one, just post in The Fashion Photography Podcast Facebook group and I’ll make another one or may be there some people will explain it to you. But above all, if you join the group you’ll become part of our great community!
Once you’re ready with all the references, you’re good to go and do a mood board!
Mood boards are very essential part of our work as photographers so I think I should even make a whole episode just for mood boards to explain you what mine looks like. And maybe to give you some examples…
Listen to the whole podcast if you want to know the rest! =)

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